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Hand-Bottled & Locally Grown

The McVea family has been gathering friends and family around the table to share laughter, memories, and our signature Louisiana-style pepper sauce for more than a century. Now we’re sharing our handcrafted secret recipe in a different way—by bottling it up so you can experience the flavor at your own table.

Each batch of Red Snapper is Hand-Bottled & Made with Locally Grown Peppers with love and devotion.

Wildwood Arbol - Grill Masters Friend

Wildwood Arbol Grill Masters Friend

Savoureaux - The Original

Savoureaux - The Original

Cajun - Because Some Like It Hot

Cajun - Because Some Like It Hot

It’s been said, “the heart of the home is the kitchen.” In the McVea family, the kitchen isn’t just the heart of our homes, it’s a central piece of our family heritage. For more than 120 years, that’s where we’ve cooked, eaten, and shared our singular Louisiana-style hot sauce.

We take great pride in our family hot sauce recipe, and guard its secret vigilantly. In fact, you used to   have to be a member of the McVea clan, or a close family friend, to even experience the    flavor explosion that comes from the quality ingredients we handcraft into each batch of sauce.

In 2013 we decided it was time to stop hiding this gem from the world, so we restarted the company of  our forbearers—Red Snapper Sauce Co. Just like the business Harris McVea founded in 1895, we are  still family owned and operated, we still use the original recipe that generations of our family have  loved, and we still handcraft every batch of sauce using only quality ingredients.

We’ve always taken great pride in our Red Snapper Sauce, and now we take great pride in bringing  our flavorful creation to you.